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As the name implies, we hold your hand through every step of a restaurant launch, allowing our expertise to touch every aspect of the project. We get more involved in areas where you need more help and less in areas where you have it all under control, it is a huge asset to have us on your side.

  • New Product and recipe development

  • Sourcing and buying
  • Recipe testing
  • Range refreshing
  • Menu and range optimisation
  • Competitor reviews and bench-marking
  • Food trends and market analysis
  • Factory trials and first productions
  • Finding specialist suppliers
  • Food website design and content
  • Food development recruitment, training and mentoring
  • Marketing
  • Mystery Shopper

You’ve gotta have a plan! We’ll help you develop your business to maximise your potential and deliver great operational standards

Our experience as food consultants gives us the know how to get your products from your suppliers to your customers safely, legally and efficiently.