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We can hold your hand through every step of a café or restaurant launch, allowing our expertise to touch any or every aspect of the project. We get more involved in areas where you need more help and less in areas where you have it all under control. Areas we can assist you with include:

  • Concept development – Feeding into your business plan will be your unique concept, we’ll ask the difficult questions to ensure the concept if bullet proof before getting busy on the following areas.
  • Menu development – We’ll ensure you have the basics right with a killer line up of dishes that people want to come back for time and time again. There’s a lot that goes into this but the outcome will be simple, you’ll be known for your food.
  • Brand development – In order to succeed you’ll need to have a strong concept and sense of who you are as a restaurant. We’ll help to ensure your brand touches all elements of your restaurant and will be vital to marketing your business and sticking in the consumers mind.
  • Systems and procedures – We’ll provide best practice systems to set up to ensure efficiencies and safety in your back and front of house, including food safely compliance, tracking systems, standardised recipes and hygiene procedures.
  • Staff recruitment and training – You’ll need great people if your business in going to be a success, we’ll help you find them then get them working to their full potential.
  • Site selection – If you don’t already have a site in mind for your food business, we’ll help you find the perfect one and to secure the best terms.
  • Kitchen design – Get the kitchen set up right the first time, with thousands of hours spent in kitchens we know what works and we’ll help to maximise your space.
  • Equipment selection – We’ll advice on what equipment is vital to the success of your kitchen and what you can save on.
  • Procurement – We will help you to find the right suppliers for your business and advice on seasonality, portion control, and getting you the best rates possible

Get in contact now to discuss how we can help you – call 0420862490 or leave your details here and we’ll be in touch.