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Our chef and restaurant consultants can help improve your operations and processes to improve the businesses financial outcome.

  • Menu re-development: Your menu is the backbone of your operation. It is what you are in business for – what your guests come for. We will tune-up your menu and make it an out of this world experience for your guests – and that leads to more guest traffic.
  • Menu re-engineering:  The menu re-engineering process starts with a complete costing of your menu, so that you know the exact cost, margin and profit of each item. The final menu will be efficient in time and resources with can result in approximately 4-8% increase in sales profit.
  • System and procedure implementation:  Properly implemented Systems and Procedures do many things, but serve to eliminate inefficiencies, and give you, the owner, more control of your business while freeing up more of your time to do the better things in life.
  • Staff training:  To give your guests an 11 out of 10 experience, your staff need to be functioning at incredibly high levels. Whether you are fine dining, or a pub, excellence in staff execution is something that can be delivered at all levels and styles of restaurants. We can train your current staff and help you to recruit the additional personnel you need to thrive.
  • Concept revitalization:  After an initial assessment, we make the changes you need to give your operation and profit a new lift. We make the recommendations to change your restaurant for the better, and then work with you on the implementation of the changes to ensure they are done effectively.

We have a complete range of consultancy services to cover almost any aspect of the catering and food industry across Australia so let our expert experience help you.


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